Back walls for cooling devices

Product description:

Stamped part made of Alu-pasteboard bonding with groove for folding.

Our back wall foils consist of aluminium foil on pasteboard by means of PE-lamination.

The aluminium guarentees to give the necessary steam diffusion needed. The share of pasteboard provides sufficient impact strength and is a help during installation. The PE gives the bonding the necessary pliancy to prevent "splitting"; we deliver such stamped parts in several meter lengths and at that, cut exactly to the millimeter. In cooling devises, the steam density is of extreme importance, because a temperature inclination of 60°C and more may occur.

Rückwände für Kühlmöbel
Refrigerator back walls with ajoining bottom floor and omission of the unit space


Outer coated parts for refrigerators, freezing devices etc. ("white articles")

Faraday-cages (electronics), shielding, reflecting surfaces (for ex. in lights)

Technical Data:

1. Layer: 0,012 up to 0,02 mm Aluminium

2. Layer: 12 g/m² PE

3. Layer: 200 up to 550 g pasteboard or Duplex-pasteboard

extremely high steam density

usual sizes: 300 x 300 [mm] .... 800 x 2400 [mm] .... und larger