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Culimeta Bersenbrueck Culimeta Bersenbrueck Culimeta Bersenbrueck

In Germany Culimeta is represented with two plants. Since 1967 the headquarters of the company have been located in Bersenbrück (Lower Saxony). Culimeta has a command of the basic technologies and the machining processes, which are absolutely essential for developing and manufacturing high-quality glass fibre products. Our plant in Bersenbrück employs more than 70 staff, has a production area of approximately 4,500 m², as well as state-of-the-art machinery. Our company is one of the leading suppliers in Europe. We specialise in the manufacture of gaskets for thermal applications e.g. fireplaces. Culimeta´s product range includes e.g. insulating hoses and sleeves, laminated fabrics and non-woven fabrics as well as products for acoustic insulations in the automotive field. In June 2008 Culimeta celebrated its 50th anniversary in Germany.

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