Wavy-Insulating system

wavy waves

Product description:


The wavy-insulating system is extremely light and cheap.

It is based on a foil system that is wavy like the form of a washboard. Usually two layers of this foil are placed on top of each other. Since the structure of the individual layers are counterlayed, they cannot slide into each other and a safe distance in between is quarenteed. The locked in air insulates against heat and makes a sound insulation by means of the foils possible. A covering foil, with a thickness of approx. 0,05 mm, should seal this insulating package. The insulating system is layed directly on a supporting sheet. If heat insulation is wished, in addition to sound insulation, then the supporting sheet metal has to be perforated (25-30% hole share) and an absorbing foil with 0,02 mm thickness between the supporting sheet and the insulating package has to show for.

The heat insulation works:

Acoustical absorption:

The pressure:

The foil system cannot support itself and needs for the stabilisation a supporter that, heat technically, needs to be designed to fit acoustically and statically. We'd gladly advise you!


Diedrichs Isolier- und Abschirmtechnik GmbH, 25.09.2020 12:07