Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd. Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd. Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd.

Since the beginning of January 2005 Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd., which emerged from the British companies Saveguard UK Ltd. and Firehalt UK Ltd., is a part of the Culimeta industrial group. Headquartered in Dukinfield (Manchester), the company specialises in developing and producing flexible fire protection products (FireHalt®), sound absorbing insulating material (AcoustaFilTM) as well as pipe insulating materials (Thermolastic). In addition a large variety of products made of aramide, carbon, glass, pre-ox and PFR Rayon used for personal security products are part of our product range.

Through the use of partially patented products and production methods the company has been able to combine specific features such as temperature, abrasion and cut resistance as well as thermal and acoustic insulation properties in these products in a unique way. This created a lot of new possibilities for our customers.

Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd.

Culimeta-Saveguard Ltd.
Tame Valley Mill / Wainwright Street, Park Road
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United Kingdom

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