Formed cardboard parts, formed hardboard parts

Product description:

Autobody cardboard forms well. Cardboard has actual strength, therefore less cracking is caused through vibrations and it has high sound-reducing quality.

Cardboard is water-resistant enough once it's been varnished.

The low specific gravity allows light-weight parts.

In a similar procedure, woodfibre-/hardboard material can be manufactured.

Cardboard is part oft the non-polluting recycling system, because recycled paper is the raw material.

Historical carburettor air suction funnel for the NSU-Prince. Similar funnels made of sheet metal cracked through vibrations.


Facings, air conveyance also in the motor area of automobiles.

packaging, constructing parts.

Windshield for Audi with summer-/winter operating slide

Technical Data:


spec. gravity:0,7 ... 1,1 g/cm³
Pliancy:35 N/cm²
Tensile strength:10 / 25 N/cm² crosswise/lengthwise in direction of fibre