Heat Shielding

Product description:


Insulated screens reflect heat from catalytic converters and exhaust systems, abduct the heat along the sides, and insulate against heat transfer and so protect the passenger cell or sensitive vehicle parts. In the old days such shields were made of asbestos foam, later of fiberglas. Our latest development makes it possible to manufacture insulated screens completely of aluminium where even the insulating component consists of aluminium systems.


Shielding of the catalytic converter at the vehicle floor; shielding in the front wall area, the engine area of a vehicle, and supplementary heating systems; protection of sensitive plastics or electronics parts, mostly in vehicle construction but also in compressor construction for the mechanical engineering industry.

Technical Data:

Supporting layer:sheet aluminium 99.5 W7 0.5...0.8 mm
Insulating layer:aluminium insulation or glass wool, or similar materials
Top layer:aluminium foil 99.5 W7 0.05...0.3 mm
Bonding of layers:beaded sheet edges; foil ends rounded; clamped; riveted