Insulation Absorber

Product description:

"Insulation absorber" is what we call our development of the year 1988. It insulates against heat and absorbs sound.

The insulation absorber is an insulated heat shielding screen to which we have added a sound-absorbing quality.

The insulating layer can be made of a variety of materials and systems. Our aluminium systems are particularly environmentally friendly, e.g.:

aluminium foil / aluminium mesh / aluminium foil / aluminium mesh / aluminium foil.

The supporting sheet has to be perforated or consist of expanded metal so that the heat insulating layer can act also as a sound absorbing layer.



Shielding of car exhaust systems; compressor housings.

Technical data:

Noise reduction up to 1.5 dB = 11% with shielding on one side.

More noise reduction is possible with full shielding.