Product description:

NOPALŪ-Sandwich is a metallic sandwich system that has one (or several) layers of NOPALŪ (or NOSTALŪ) as spacers between its smooth outer layers.

>NOPALŪ Sandwich's special feature is its reshapeability:


These advantageous properties are the result of the crosswise corrugation of NOPALŪ's inner layer. NOPALŪ Sandwich is both lightweight and stiff at the same time.

The system's layers are joined via gluing, welding, soldering or frothing. See technical data table.

For specialised applications the sandwich can be adapted optimally to requirements through a variety of NOPALŪ layer designs.

Several acoustically effective
variants are feasible.
The system is assembled via:
gluing, welding, soldering or Tox joining

NOPALŪ = napped sheet Al
NOSTALŪ = napped sheet steel
(see product info: NOPAL- How does this material work?)


Reinforcements, shock absorbers, sound absorbers, sound-absorbing coverings.
In cars: backrests, front walls, floor panels, roofs, belt fastener supports, reinforcement elements, spare wheel covers, knee bolsters, bump caps
In general vehicle construction: vehicle floors, vehicle walls, doors
In house building: door fillings, room dividers, facade elements with visible studded structures
Other uses: cooling discs, external systems as heat exchangers