Cuttings from the conveyor belt

  • Rectangular cuttings
  • Formed circuit boards
  • NOPALŪ-circuit boards

Crosswise parting:

(Bigger lengths are possible by half automatic operation.)

Smooth metal sheets:

Width:up to 1400 mm
Length (in the automaton):up to 2000 mm

NOPALŪ (with patent, specially structured, therefore well formable and stiff):

Width:up to 1000 mm
Length (in the automaton):up to 2000 mm
Ausgangsmetalldicke:0,3 up to 1,2 mm
Height of material (nopalised):2,5 up to 3,5 mm
Typical materials:Al 99,5; AlMg3; Deep-drawing steel


Thickness:0,01 up to 0,3 mm
Width:up to 1350 mm
Length (in the automaton):up to 1750 mm
Possible is:double-layered, for ex. enclosed paper

Lengthwise and at the same time crosswise to various sizes:


Thickness:0,1...0,3 mm
Width:100...1350 mm
Length:100...1750 mm

Formed platines:

(Foils and metal sheets from the belt or from the circuit board)

  • trapeze form
  • any forms (materials are saved through compact boxing)
  • with very cheap stamping tools
Thickness:up to 1,5 mm
Width:up to 1500 mm